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The great wall  

Taking one of the implementations of the great wall, here's Katago's evaluation, rounded to half a point:

  • Starting position: W+1,5
  • B1 loses 1,5 points: W+3
  • B3 loses 3 points: W+6
  • B5 loses 1,5 points: W+7,5
  • B7 loses 5,5 points: W+13
  • B9 loses 4 points: W+17

Overall, Black loses 15,5 points by playing this opening.

Caution required  

Katago "sees" this application of the great wall. B1 and B3 continue splitting White's positions, while already projecting something of a side & center framework. Black invades and White's safest route is to answer conservatively with the turn at W8. Cutting B1 and B7 at a is possible but will lead to an all board fighting game for which this opening is intended.

The great wall  

Katago recommends W2 to be more severely played at a. If White continues playing cautiously like this, the advantage shrinks back to 13 points.

The great wall  

At the bottom, White can afford to kick with W2 because of the marked stone played earlier. Black continues his aggressive pace with B5. The continuation is interesting: White can continue his peaceful game at a or reinforce at ''b' but in both cases Black will launch an attack on the other corner.

Variation 1  

W1 loses a point according to Katago. The ladder works for Black, so that White will have to spend moves to capture the cutting stones B4 and B6. Black can wrap around White on the outside. Still no real issues but fighting couldn't be avoided.

Variation 2  

KataGo prefers W1 to deal with the previous variation. Black then invades at B2. The idea is of course to live in the corner and push White's outward group towards the great wall. B10 is annoying but White can actually manage this quite well. Again, fighting is hard to avoid.

Uberdude: The 2-3 invasions of B2 is an interesting and rarely seen move. I suppose the more normal idea of 3-3 invading and going for a ko makes it too easy on white? The great wall seems useful in making white's 3-3 reply for W3 fail to a ladder:

Variation 2a  

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