This looked like to me like it was the answer, but white can push at H19 and...


Black still can't connect. --gnostic?


I believe this may be the correct answer. Please confirm or refute. --gnostic?


I think I just refuted myself. White can play directly at h19 to separate and still have enough liberties left to connect at f14. --gnostic?


This variation looks promising. --gnostic?

Bad response by white  

Starting to think this might be the answer --gnostic?

The more I think about this, the more it looks like this must be the solution. White's logical "only move" in response to G 19 must surely be to make the bamboo joint at F 11. Then the throw in at F 18, white captures, and black makes ko at E 19. white takes first, but black has a really nice local threat at F 16. If white wants to play passively he can ignore, black connects, white captures at B 19. If not, white can respond to the threat at E 16, black recaptures, and white if he wants can make the "safe move" at F 13, forming a bamboo joint. After black takes the second stage of the ko white can use B 19 as a threat, threatening a ko transfer, but then the temperature of the ko will go down. I'm fairly confident that this is the answer. Please refute this if it's not. --gnostic?

Ko transfer. (3 at 8)  

Another bad response by white (7 at G19 captures 4 stones)  

A more interesting resistance by white  
Another variation  

A different response, with a different ko - pseudoko. (7 captures)  
Connect and die (1 elsewhere, 2 elsewhere)  

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