B6 at W1

atulab: if B4 at 5 then, W7 captures

now, another question arises, what should black do ?

black messes around  

atulab: I feel like black should cut white into two groups as one lacks eye shape and the other one only has one and a half here, white has to protect both the left and the right group

Can anyone find other interesting answers for black ?

right sequence  

shevious: To prevent White from falling in danger, White W1 first is a good choice.

White connected  

Black cannot divide White and Black black+triangle stones are still dead.

Tricky variation  

blackman: Black wont necessarily connect

W takes  

blackman: There is two option for w, 'a' or 'b'

W plays at 'a'  

blackman: This is oiotoshi

W connects  

blackman: After 9 black wins the capturing race

Black all dead  

shevious: No. White wins the capturing race.

blackman: Oh yes. :) I wanted to write White. :)


unkx80: It would be interesting to consider this variation, but I have not read it all out yet.

atulab: 15K approved ^^ I'm not sure that there isn't some tesuji at a though: black would then live in the right corner and kill white (eventually) in the left one (which looks better for him)


blackman: I think this goes like this

Solution 2  
Solution 3  
Solution 4  

blackman: If black connects i think its a ko
shevious: I agree. White white+triangle makes Black possible to choose dangerous ko or giving up black+triangle stones.
I think White W1 is better.

Solution 5  
Solution 6  
Solution 7  

blackman: Well this is just a few variation :)

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