Gokyo Shumyo, Section 2, Problem 16 / Attempts


xela: white can't play 'a' (shortage of liberties)

failure 1  


failure 2  



xela: Some time later, this occurs to me... (if B5 at a then I think it leads to ko)


unkx80: Is this another solution?

xela: What about W4 at a?

symplicity: Then it looks like black can just play atari starting at b and eat white.

xela: Oops, darn shortage of liberties!

A simpler solution.  

jms: White absolutely cannot allow Black to push in at 'a'. Even if W2 @ 'b', then B3 @ 'a' kills the White group.

Continuation: White Fails  

jms: White's only chance is to try W2, after B takes the vital point with B3, White is ruined. W cannot play at 'a' or 'b' due to a shortage of liberties.

Variation: White dies.  

jms: If W6 @ 'a', then B7 @ 'b' kills. If W6 @ 'b', B7 @ 'c'.

Variation 2: White fails.  

jms: Whether W tries 'a' or 'b', Black can calmly play 'c' to catch the 2 white stones. (In the case of W6 @ 'a', it will be a snapback).

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