Gokyo Shumyo, Section 1, Problem 63 / Solution

Main line  

W1 is essential to prevent Black from creating a bulky five inside White's eye space.


If black plays B2, W3 from behind is important...

White falls into the trap  

W3 is a serious mistake. B6 captures at B2, W7 recaptures at W5, B8 at W1 makes the bulky five shape. White is dead.

Another Solution?  

ProtoDeuteric: I can't see why W1 in this diagram would not work. I think that the above statement that B2 can now make white's eye a bulky five is short sighted...

Continuation, W1 at "a"  

ProtoDeuteric: With this sequence (which I believe is not katteyomi), white is alive and well.

LukeNine45: What about B4 at W5?

If B4 at W5 (B2 at "a")  

ProtoDeuteric: If B4 of the previous diagram was instead played where W5 was, then...well...looks like...no...wait...no...I guess you are right. In this variation of what has turned out to be a failed attempt, I misread where black would have played after W5.


If White thinks to solve her problems by connecting, Black forces with B2, next creates the bulky five. B6 is also important. Let's go into 2 and 6.

Var at 2 in failure diagram  

Making the bulky five immediately works too but requires a tesuji at B4.

Mistake at 6 in failure diagram  

It would be a grave mistake to play B6 not at a. White captures at W7 ...

Mistake at 6 in failure diagram  

White has a and b as miai to assure life.


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