Gokyo Shumyo, Section 1, Problem 25 / Solution

White lives  

White 1 makes miai of a and b. It is the vital point.

Main line  

White 3 makes miai of a and b.

Wrong 1  

There is not time to widen the eyespace with 1. Black takes the vital point with 2. After White 3, it is best to block with 4. The hane at 6 makes miai of a and b.

Wrong 1 (variation)  

With the attachment at 5, White can start making trouble, and depending on the surrounding conditions, she may be able to draw out her three stones, but locally there is no escape.

Wrong 2  

White 1 makes an incomplete shape and Black 2 is just the point to spoil it. After Black 4, a and b are miai.

Wrong 3  

White 1 here is also pretty much a vital point. But 2 is more vital, moreover because Black 2 threatens to capture two stones and take away all the eye space.

Wrong 4  

Maybe an example of how to die in gote. White 1 definitely is the move to play if you want to ruin your own shape. This is a way of suicide which is not forbidden by the rules.

Wrong 4 (continuation)  

After Black 2 plays tenuki, White still can't live.

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