Gokyo Seimyo Volume 3 Problem 12 / Attempts

Vital point?  
Black failure  
If black answers this way, black collapses
small life for white  

This seems to be the best for both sides, a small life for white in the corner


Black can connect with 1, his damezumari is eliminated, and white gets dies. Therefore...

Correct order.  

White must throw in with 1 first, before playing the vital point of 3.

Black death  

Countering at 1 fails for black

Black loses three stones  

Assuming black cannot fight the ko for everything in corner after the 1/2 exchange, if black plays one they will lose three stones since they cannot connect after the sequence to 6.

White must be careful  

If white 2 here black can kill white with 3. White is the one in damezumari here, unable to atari from either side.

Correct sequence  

This is the best sequence for both, white secures a small life in the corner in gote.

tapir: i tried this a while ago but didn't achieve any publishable result... isn't there always a ko possibility (against 7-2 cut) to reckon with? sure it is flower viewing for white, but it shouldn't be dismissed without mentioning.

Black's response  

shevious: For White W2, Black's B3 will kill entire White.
White's correct response for Black B1 is a.

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