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Go Home is a go editing program / sgf editor written by Stefan Reisz. webpage [www.reisz.de/gohome.htm (at archive.org)

| [ext] https://web.archive.org/web/20170601000000*/http://www.reisz.de/gohome.htm]

It has many features that I have not seen in other programs. Its complete feature list is:

(the specials are in bold)

  • support of sgf formats 1-4
  • fast loading of big files
  • many navigation functions
  • rectangular board sizes from 1..52
  • simultaneous editing of documents in multiple views
  • view and editing of sgf source code possible
  • editing of multi-game documents and problem collections
  • display of coordinates and move-numbers mentioned in the comment on the board
  • helper functions for creating problem files
  • finding of identical or similar board situations
  • diagram export to .bmp and .wmf
  • customizable text exports for sensei's library and others
  • many printing options
  • connection to computer playing engines via gtp
  • ranking graph for your games
  • go introduction for newbies
  • as bonus: a go 6x6 "solution"

It has an expander (that expands all identical nodes with all followers that any of those nodes has) a Value manager an sgf checker. and other specials that I haven't used yet.

latest version (july 2009) is version 1.06E (can be downloaded via the download option in version 1.05E)

Review of version 1.05E

Positive: The program has some nice options that I would like to have in other programs. Like the sgf checking option. and the option to edit the sgf directly.


Not all options work. and sometimes the program behaves a bit strange.

Move numbers on the wrong stone (think it comes from the duplication manager)

Sometimes the program stalls or generates windows errors.

Also the program has some strange options (square stones a rainbow board )

Still i think it is useful if you need some of the special options.

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