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Italics denote subjective opinions that are unfit to serve as premise or argument :)

Area scoring

  • allows for more concise and (GASP!)conclusive rulesets
  • valuable dame prevent the bad habit of 'not filling the dame'
  • easy and foolproof resolution of 'Life and Death' disputes
  • scoring stones on the board focuses on 'life' and is as such splendidly life-affirming
  • I perceive Area Scoring to be more elegant than Territory scoring.

Proper Handicap

Fair Komi

Free Handicap

Use of Ikeda A3 Scoring Rule

End of Alternation denoted by agreement instead of two passes

Natural Situational Superko

  • I like that it only applies to board plays
  • One could reword them by saying: "One may not play in such a way that the opponent is presented with the same position twice."

Not Forbidden Suicide

  • 'no suicide' requires an additional rule thus reducing conciseness of the ruleset
  • 'suicide' allows more options and in rare positions even more skillfull play
  • I know no drawbacks connected with not forbidding suicide. (without reason nothing should be forbidden)
  • I dislike the idea of sending my own stones into death.

Equivalence Counting

  • fast and easy counting
  • easy integration of Ikeda's Rule

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