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  • Handicap System: Allows you to play fun games against your friends (quite unlikely that they are all at the same level)
  • Longer Midgame: Though opening strategy is important, weiqi does not rely on opening strategy as excessively as Chess. Furthermore there are no endgame patterns that would lead to a tedious engame if the respective player is not familiar with the appropriate endgame theory. Player just mend their territories and fill in dame :D
  • Scalability: Weiqi can easily be played on n times n boards :)
  • Depth: Weiqi is likely at least as deep as Chess.
  • Simpler Core Rules, yet less unified Tournament Rules.
  • Rich (Eastern) Philosophical Heritage.
  • Pacing: The alternation between players feels more fluent and harmonic than in chess.
  • Board perspective: No 'changing board perspective' respective to the colour you play. This allows you to sit right next to your partner and cuddle while playing Weiqi ^-^

This comparison is purely subjective. I am certainly not trying to draw parallels or trying to equate WeiQi to Chess. (It is somehow disconcerting how often people use the word 'to compare to' when in truth they mean 'to equate to') Furthermore I am not asserting that WeiQi is better than Chess or vice versa. But all in all it should be obvious that Weiqi is subjectively more to my liking than Chess is. (That is why I did this comparison... For I could scarcely believe that there is a game that I like even better than my former favorite abstract strategy game. So I had to 'be sure' by writing it down ;-)

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