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  • KGS New Zealand Rules: 'free teire if even dame'
  • KGS Chinese Rules: 'free teire if even dame', forbid suicide
  • KGS AGA Rules: fixed handicap, 'free teire if even dame', forbid suicide
  • KGS Japanese Rules: fixed handicap, life-death rules, basic-ko, forbid suicide


Flower Rules

Flower's eclectic Rules for playing WeiQi ;-)

Version 0.1 (2007-01)

Flower Rules are a specific implementation of the Taylor/Tromp rules. (by adding some of this optional bulk that distinguishes full rulesets from core rules)

Special traits of this ruleset follow from the paradigms it evolved from:

  • Based on Tromp/Taylor Rules thus inheriting its flawless logic and simplicity.
  • Benefits of both Area and Territory scoring by heeding Ikeda Toshio's advice.
  • Fixed handicap system that gives players appropriate handicap.
  • Fair self-scaling Komi that both players determine together prior to starting a game.

I came up with them as I was the first in my peer group to pick up playing Go. As such I started evangelizing using Taylor/Tromp rules as they were the least confusing of all rulesets. Though <30k I am still the most experienced player in our round and began studying the rulesets as my friends got curious about specific rules. Soon I was cought in a crossfire of questions specific rule situations which led to the evolution of this ruleset.

  • Q: "Are you and your Friends nuts!? Talking about specific variants pertaining to miniscule komi amounts in order to make for a 'fairer game' when you all still make errors worth over 10moku each other move?"
  • A: "We are german ;-) (and academics to boot)"

Flower Rules: (note to self: translate TT rules into german)

  • Definitions:
    • Handicap := Stones that are placed by the weaker player before the beginning of the game.
    • Komi := Stones that are given to white as prisoners prior to the beginning of the game in exchange for the right to make the first move as black.
  • Setup
    • Equivalence Scoring shall be used (area scoring through 'passtones', 'white passes last' and 'territory Counting')
    • The Handicap shall be equal to the rounded down rankdifference.
    • During Handicap placement the stronger player does not give passtones. Thus the handicap stones will not score during counting.
    • Komi as well as sides can be set by Divide and Choose? or Auction Komi. If the rankdifference is fractional then the weaker players gets to play Black for free.
    • If the first pass of a game is made by White then no passtone shall be given for this pass. (Ikeda's Rule)
  • End of the Game
    • Two successive passes during play trigger Aggreement.
    • Two passes during Agreement initiate 'last pass has to be made by white', 'agreed stone removal'. After the removal of the stones the game is scored by counting.
    • A move during the agreement phase will resume play. (Another two successive passes are necessary to enter another agreement phase.)
  • Flow of Play
    • insert flowchart here

_Trashcan: Other than that I have created the following subpages:

_from KGS Experience: Positive:

  • Friendly Atmosphere, yay!
  • Teaching System, whee!
  • Speech :) (though speex does so much better with 9-12kbps)
  • Ability to chat in-game
  • Chatrooms
  • Friendly SGF Editor (variations view and so on)
  • Crossplatform due to Java
  • Automatic updates with JNLP
  • The Wiki I am just contributing to :-)
  • Help Room, where some nice admins helped me at once after 1st connect.

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