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The one called Dootar first came to KGS in the winter of the 6th year of the new millenium. Cho U had just achieved the Meijin title in a vicious struggle against Yoda Norimoto. Hane Naoki had procured the name of Kisei. Yamshita Keigo held the Tengen and Takao Shinji was the great Honinbo. In later years, these great players would be known as the Four Emperors, but that is a story for another day. The Go world was in a state of exponential growth, the likes of which the world had never before seen. It was in this era that Dootar came to the Kiseido Go Server. At first glance, nothing would catch your eye about Dootar. Admittedly, a capital letter followed by two consecutive O's would catch anyone's eye, and one might wonder what "Dootar" could even mean, but other than that, really not too much. Dootar began as a happy-go-lucky kyu player on KGS. He had some fun and played some games, but it was not yet the time for him to blossom into the prince we all know today. KGS and Dootar grew apart by the end of that long winter, and he sunk back into a life of good grades and contentment.

Later that year, as the sun sank earlier each day and people across America kissed their goodbyes to the summer, Dootar thought again of the Go server he had spent his hours on so long ago. He thought to grace it a few more times, and then say goodbye for good. And one day, cheerfully impaling his belly with a frisbee in the English game room, he called out boisterously, "Who here is a fan of Dootar? Speak now!"

One man stepped forward and shouted, "I am!"

"I am!"

This man was GameFAQs.

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