Dieter's study of Otake game 1

    Keywords: Game commentary
Moves 13 to 22  

After the common exchange in the lower left, Otake does not simply extend to a but expands to B13. W22 captures a stone in a ladder. See taisha tobitsuke

Moves 26 to 35  

W26 attacks but B27 is a typical calm move. With B29 to B33 Otake lets White intrude in his potential territory, creating a strong central group, before taking the big point at B35.

Moves 53 to 62  

The skirmishes in the top right lead to a cut. B53 sets up a beautiful sequence. B61 creates a typical good shape which induces W62. The next move I guessed correctly when first replaying the game and I was quite proud I did!

Moves 63 to 72  

The invasion of B63 is natural, given the fact that Black's horse head has neutralized the centre. White resists with a double hane at W68 but Black is unimpressed and simply follows the proverb to capture the cutting stone.

Moves 73 to 82  

The strong Black group after B75 starts a correspondence with the other Black influence. White's W76 looks quite necessary to prevent a considerable moyo. This constant reutilization of influence for different purposes is the hallmark of Otake.

Next, B77 forces W78 to connect, inducing B79 and Black is again forming a sphere of considerable influence.

Moves 83 to 92  

The centre tactics are a little difficult to follow. Anyway Otake is not in a hurry to make a big territory in the centre. With B89 he preserves mostly his thickness.

Moves 93 to 102  

The same goes for B93. I think W94 may have been a bit too slow, although it is good shape and probably (from a pro standpoint) necessary for the health of all white stones in this area.

The probe of B95 starts the final blow to White's territorial prospects. The resistance of W96 may be necessary to keep victory in sight, but now Otake sets up another beautiful sequence.

White resigns  

After this tesuji, White cannot save this area.

This early game of Otake is in my opinion a nice display of how influence and thickness can steamroll across the entire game.

emeraldemon: who is white in this game? Answer: Naganuma Makoto

Dieter's study of Otake game 1 last edited by Dieter on February 22, 2013 - 14:29
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