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   Da1 Db1 Dc1 Dd1 De1 Df1 Dg1 Dh1 Di1 Ck1 Ci1 Ch1 Cg1 Cf1 Ce1 Cd1 Cc1 Cb1 Ca1
   Da2 Db2 Dc2 Dd2 De2 Df2 Dg2 Dh2 Di2 Ck2 Ci2 Ch2 Cg2 Cf2 Ce2 Cd2 Cc2 Cb2 Ca2
   Da3 Db3 Dc3 Dd3 De3 Df3 Dg3 Dh3 Di3 Ck3 Ci3 Ch3 Cg3 Cf3 Ce3 Cd3 Cc3 Cb3 Ca3
   Da4 Db4 Dc4 Dd4 De4 Df4 Dg4 Dh4 Di4 Ck4 Ci4 Ch4 Cg4 Cf4 Ce4 Cd4 Cc4 Cb4 Ca4
   Da5 Db5 Dc5 Dd5 De5 Df5 Dg5 Dh5 Di5 Ck5 Ci5 Ch5 Cg5 Cf5 Ce5 Cd5 Cc5 Cb5 Ca5
   Da6 Db6 Dc6 Dd6 De6 Df6 Dg6 Dh6 Di6 Ck6 Ci6 Ch6 Cg6 Cf6 Ce6 Cd6 Cc6 Cb6 Ca6
   Da7 Db7 Dc7 Dd7 De7 Df7 Dg7 Dh7 Di7 Ck7 Ci7 Ch7 Cg7 Cf7 Ce7 Cd7 Cc7 Cb7 Ca7
   Da8 Db8 Dc8 Dd8 De8 Df8 Dg8 Dh8 Di8 Ck8 Ci8 Ch8 Cg8 Cf8 Ce8 Cd8 Cc8 Cb8 Ca8
   Da9 Db9 Dc9 Dd9 De9 Df9 Dg9 Dh9 Di9 Ck9 Ci9 Ch9 Cg9 Cf9 Ce9 Cd9 Cc9 Cb9 Ca9
   DaX DbX DcX DdX DeX DfX DgX DhX DiX  kX BiX BhX BgX BfX BeX BdX BcX BbX BaX
   Aa9 Ab9 Ac9 Ad9 Ae9 Af9 Ag9 Ah9 Ai9 Ak9 Bi9 Bh9 Bg9 Bf9 Be9 Bd9 Bc9 Bb9 Ba9
   Aa8 Ab8 Ac8 Ad8 Ae8 Af8 Ag8 Ah8 Ai8 Ak8 Bi8 Bh8 Bg8 Bf8 Be8 Bd8 Bc8 Bb8 Ba8
   Aa7 Ab7 Ac7 Ad7 Ae7 Af7 Ag7 Ah7 Ai7 Ak7 Bi7 Bh7 Bg7 Bf7 Be7 Bd7 Bc7 Bb7 Ba7
   Aa6 Ab6 Ac6 Ad6 Ae6 Af6 Ag6 Ah6 Ai6 Ak6 Bi6 Bh6 Bg6 Bf6 Be6 Bd6 Bc6 Bb6 Ba6
   Aa5 Ab5 Ac5 Ad5 Ae5 Af5 Ag5 Ah5 Ai5 Ak5 Bi5 Bh5 Bg5 Bf5 Be5 Bd5 Bc5 Bb5 Ba5
   Aa4 Ab4 Ac4 Ad4 Ae4 Af4 Ag4 Ah4 Ai4 Ak4 Bi4 Bh4 Bg4 Bf4 Be4 Bd4 Bc4 Bb4 Ba4
   Aa3 Ab3 Ac3 Ad3 Ae3 Af3 Ag3 Ah3 Ai3 Ak3 Bi3 Bh3 Bg3 Bf3 Be3 Bd3 Bc3 Bb3 Ba3
   Aa2 Ab2 Ac2 Ad2 Ae2 Af2 Ag2 Ah2 Ai2 Ak2 Bi2 Bh2 Bg2 Bf2 Be2 Bd2 Bc2 Bb2 Ba2
   Aa1 Ab1 Ac1 Ad1 Ae1 Af1 Ag1 Ah1 Ai1 Ak1 Bi1 Bh1 Bg1 Bf1 Be1 Bd1 Bc1 Bb1 Ba1

There is a second name for each intersection in the central column and row, of course. Tengen, however, needs no qualifier at all.

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