Here, the first ten moves of the game Sekiyama Riichi vs Kato Shin, 1940 are used to compare different coordinate systems.

Moves 1 - 10  
Move A1 B19 SGF Schurig Audouard Rokirovka Scramble Tengen-based Cardinal Direction Bugcat Tengen Rotational
B1 Q16 3F pd Cd4 b44 D*4* 4D W6N6 +G+6 W-D4
W2 D17 23 dc Dd3 a43 D3* DC E6N7 -G+7 N-C4
B3 Q5 EF po Bd5 c45 D*5 45 W6S5 +G-5 W-D15
W4 Q3 GF pq Bd3 c43 D*3 43 W6S7 +G-7 S-C4
B5 C5 E2 co Ac5 d35 C5 C5 E7S5 -H-5 E-C5
W6 D15 42 de Dc5 a34 D5* DE E6N5 -H+5 E-C15
B7 R3 GG qq Bc3 c33 C*3 33 W7S7 +H-7 S-C3
W8 R2 HG qr Bc2 c32 C*2 32 W7S8 +H-8 S-B3
B9 R4 FG qp Bc4 c34 C*4 34 W7S6 +H-6 S-D3
W10 P2 GE or Be2 c52 E*2 52 W5S8 +F-7 S-B5

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