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Bill: Contact play is more general than attachment, isn't it? (It's been a long time since I have read Wilcox.) Oh, I see that the problem is more serious. Attachment is an alias for the contact play page. Contact play is a term coined by Bruce Wilcox for his theories. It really should not be used for attachment.

More generally, why the WME? It seems to me that a good bit has been lost in the editing.

Dieter: Back to discussion mode on parent pages, I have noticed. Do you really want all definitions and sources of advice to be signed? I don't like conflicting opinions on one page, especially if they are there since a long time. Neither do I like a conglomerate of redundant advice where you have to check people's level before you can decide whose advice to pick. Look, if you don't like it, revert it. I don't want to explain every single effort of mine.

Bill: Actually, I do not like discussion on parent pages. I do not know what should have been done to edit this particular page, but I do think that a WME is worth some discussion, in general. I did not mean any disrespect for you or your efforts.

As for unsigned advice, I do think that it is inappropriate. For instance, on the new page about attachment for sabaki, I signed it because, first, it is *only* my opinion. I am not an authority. Second, it is *my* opinion. It seems that Charles and I disagree somewhat about the value and proper use of attachments. That's only natural. We are both amateurs. Let the reader judge. Knowing the source helps.

Dieter: I didn't feel disrespected. Only the human feeling that a job done should remain done. OK, a little discussion on the WME then:

  • We disagree on the signed advice. First the idea that it is "only" your advice. Yes, in a discussion, it is "only" your opinion, but if that's the best thing a WME-editor finds on his way long after the discussion has died down, then that's the advice SL is going to give. Until someone else challenges it.
  • It's "your" advice: it is fine for me that people write their articles on SL. I have written a few. I welcome the likes of Minue who write about Haengma, regardless of the definitions we have here. It's not so fine if everybody is going to spread their advice all over the place. Well, it is, but it should be edited out eventually. If you have very strong ideas about the use of the attachment, maybe an article is in place.
  • I agree that if there is strong disagreement in the community on usage of certain techniques, a parent page in state of discussion is probably unavoidable.
  • I edited out most stuff to other places. One item I didn't deem worth saving. Such is the nature of WikiMasterEditing.

Bill: My main problem, at first glance, was the loss of material. I could not tell where it had gone, and that gave me the sense that a good deal had been lost in the editing. I do agree with the idea of moving out material to other pages. That is one of the beauties of hypertext. However, the hypertext links have not been provided.

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