Choice Go Game 2

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How much is Choice Go Handicap worth?

ChessWhiz and dnerra will try it out on a 9x9. ChessWhiz gets black, 5 stones and 5.5 komi, dnerra gets Choice Go Handicap.

Game finished -- Black resigns  
Captured stones + komi  

Moves 21-30  

W21: Oh this is so mean.

ChessWhiz: Ack! I resign.

Moves 11-20  

B18: I have to hold this together somehow...

W17: I take the other one again.

B16: I'm getting the same feeling. I think a good handicap may even be 7 or 8...

W15: I'll go on attack. I start getting the feeling that 5 stones may not be enough to make up for the Choice. What do you think?

B14: Take your pick. Do you want me to be overconcentrated or attackable? (Alternative was at a)

W13: Ok, ok...

B12: Yeah, yeah, stop bragging and take those three stones.

W11: " we can mess this up" says the man who cannot make use of atari :-)

Moves 1-10  

B10: Let's see how much we can mess this up.

W9: Well, otherwise 5 stones handicap wouldn't be quite fair...

B8: I can tell I'm not going to win all the fights.

W7: Sorry, I do take the other one :-)

B6: Hey, can I play on both x's this time? ;-)

B4: So far, so good.

W3: Dito!

B2: Good luck!

Choice Go Game 2 last edited by ChessWhiz on September 4, 2002 - 21:48
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