Capturing Race Exercise 6 / Solution

White first  

Gronk: Note that it would be a mistake to play B2 at W3 since it allows White to capture by occupying a 1-2 point, yielding a real five-point big eye, which has eight liberties. White would win in this case.

If White ignores the eye  
If White defends at 2  
White dies  

Dieter: Correct. White has a six point big eye, but in the corner it is not a big eye anymore. After capturing five stones, the eyeshape is not a five point big eye (8 liberties) but just 4 liberties (see Big eyes can be small in the corner). So White has 4 liberties less than usual. Black has five liberties. Eye against no eye: no seki. White is dead.

Capturing Race Exercise 6 / Solution last edited by Gronk on October 13, 2005 - 16:29
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