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Development of Brunei Igo Society

Brunei Igo Society (currently known as the Brunei Darussalam Go Association) was established in the year 2006 by Xinwen and Shaolun and many other Go enthusiasts. Brunei Igo Society was a small community intended to promote the game of Go. The Ultimate aim was to establish a Official Go Association (established in 2011) in Brunei. current website:

The Objective: To promote this ancient game of Weiqi

The Vision:To create unity and integration amongst racial group

The Goal: to grant acknowledgment and setting up an official Go Association

The Moral Code: No Racism and No Prejudice

The logo was designed by June and her friend which marks the existence of the Go Society. Nevertheless, Brunei Igo Society group was created in [ext] Friendster and [ext] Facebook to make further promotion.
[ext] full size ( 800x584)

Top standing from left - gping,sandra,meng,max,sia,hong,wei,mann,jing,evelyn,chiaw
3rd standing from left - lydia,theng,jes,shin,queen,xiang,ying,fang,joyce,lim,yuan,sharen
2nd row from left - yen,dar,rad,hong,xinwen,mr.yohan,peng,louis
sitting from left - ping,fay,lister,lun,jackie,how

The 1st group photo was taken on the 2nd December 2006 which had been set as an annual tradition.

In mid-2007; Brunei Igo Society had set up a website [ext] Brunei Go (closed since 2008) with the help from Mychew(kgs) and currently using [ext] and [ext] and Instagram at [ext]

History and Achievements

Its all started when Xinwen encountered the game of Go through the introduction from Shaolun in the Winter of 2003. The year 2005, when Xinwen and Shaolun set up the first Go Club in Brunei in Maktab Duli, PMMB.

Xinwen and Shaolun had started to learn to host tournnament annually , the first one was in 2005 and gradually improving.
[ext] full size(640x480)

Pair go tournament closing ceremony
Behind from left - Haidar, Xinwen, S.lun, Chihong, wei, Queen, zim
Infront from left - Chiaohong, yuan, D.Principal 1, Lydia, Chiaw, Xiang, ying, Fay

The photo had shown their first achievement in stepping to the bigger world of Go, "Visiting Singapore Weiqi Association".

[ext] full size(600x800)

hazman,xinwen,kay,(forgot their names)

The society has made few videos in youtube:-

[ext] (Introduction of Brunei Igo Society)

[ext] (Visual report of '07-'08)

[ext] (Visual report of '08-'09)

[ext] (Visual report of '09-'10)

CHMS Weiqi Society (closed)
[ext] full size(600x800)

The society had set up an Weiqi Club under the CHMS Alumni Association on the March 16th of 2007. The objective was to set CHMS Alumni Association as weekly meet-up ground for enthusiasts to learn.

Brunei Darussalam Go Association

The official Go Association was set up on the 25th May, of 2011. The sole purpose continued as mentioned earlier.

The Association has also applied becoming member of International Go Federation in July and automatically became member of World Pair Go Association as well as Asian Go Federation in 2012.

Please support us at [ext] (closed) and [ext] (closed)

Active IG Account: [ext]

Brunei Igo Tournament

Tournament was hosted annually since 2005 by Xinwen. It has been showing gradual improvement and success. The list only shows the tournaments hosted during the period before becoming the Association.

1st Maktab Duli Tournament 2005/ 1st Team Tournament

It was the very first Go Tournament held in the classroom of Maktab Duli.

2nd Maktab Duli Tournament 2006/ 1st Pair Go Tournament

It was again held in Maktab Duli with more participants. Xinwen granted USD150.00 sponsorship to provide refreshment for the participants.

1st CHMS Alumni Association 2007/ 2nd Pair Go Tournament

It was the first tournament hosted in CHMS Alumni Association. Chinese Rules used.

2nd CHMS Alumni Association 2008/ 2nd Team Tournament / 1st Mid-Term Tournament

The tournament was hosted in CHMS Alumni Association. It was the 1st Mid-Term Event organized in month of June. There were 27 participants, a record.

3rd CHMS Alumni Association 2008/ 3rd Pair Go Tournament

The tournament was entitled "Golden Pair Title match" witch cash prize and was host in CHMS Alumni Association. ING GOE Rule was used to allow members to familiarize.

1st Inter-School PTE KATOK Tournament 2009/ 3rd Team Go Tournament

The tournament was held in June in the new established College, Katok PTE.

2nd Inter-School PTE KATOK Tournament 2009/ 4th Team + Individual Go Tournament (PTE KATOK)

In celebration of the era "Soaring Heights", Brunei has 3 go clubs from different colleges.

It will be held in December of 2009, and invited honorary guest from Malaysia, Mr.Ho Hock Doong Weiqi Association as Chief Judge of Brunei.

4th CHMS Alumni Association 2010/ 2nd Individual Tournament

HaHn? System was implemented in the tournament to encourage competition of not giving up.

3rd Inter-School PTE KATOK Tournament 2010/ 4th Pair Go Tournament

It was the most successful tournament organised, with as much as 4 to 5 active Go Clubs and 32 record-breaking participants.

Mr. Johnny Jao 6-dan and Mr. Cheng Qing Jiang 7-dan from Taiwan Weiqi Association was invited.Furthermore, Byo-yomi Go Clock was purchased.


First of all, I would like to thanks Sensei's Library for allowing me to upload Free and Promising Evidents of how Go came about in Brunei.

Then, to Shaolun, my best friend, without him i don't think i could encounter this marvelous game of Weiqi. Thank you very much.

International Go Federation for encouraging and giving new direction for the Brunei Igo Society.

Followed by Maktab Duli PMMB, the permission of setting up this very first Go club in Brunei, Xinwen would never has the passion and ambition to make it all comes true.

Most importantly, to the members of Brunei Igo Society; Without you and the rest, i could never dream about it!

Credit to Mr.Tiong, President of Malaysia Weiqi Association, allowing me to make order of Go equipments.

Mr.Tan (2009), President of Singapore Weiqi Association, for helping and inviting Brunei to participate in the Denso/Toyota World Oza Qualifying Tournament 2008.

Ms.Liew (2009), Manager of Singapore Weiqi Association, being friendly and kind to make offer for the invitation to Singapore.

Handy (2009), President of Indonesia Go Association, being a very good friend who takes good care of Xinwen. Guess without Handy, Xinwen could not learn much.

Ms.Yuki Shigeno and International Go Federation for giving chances to Xinwen to participate in any of the International Tournament.

Mrs.Vanthanee, Vice president of Thailand Go Association, been very hospitality in inviting Brunei to join the SEA GAMES 2007.

GoSeigen(KGS) for giving direction to Xinwen for contacting Ms.Yuki Shigeno

CHMS Alumni Association, for lending Xinwen a good place to lecture, teaches go and to held Tournament.

Jension aka mychew for sharing his webspace for Xinwen to develop a Brunei Go Website.

not to forget Kiseido Go Server, without it, i could never met so many wonderful players and improve my go skills and not to play with myself using the othello boards again. (laughter)

Lastly, my Father and my family for supporting and giving my guidance, and not stopping from learning Go myself and using internet.

And you.... <3 (

For more please visit [ext]

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