Big Brother Go

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Big Brother go is a non-consultation version of team go. It is usually played with two or three players per team. The players should differ in strength by about 5 ranks. That is, as an example, a team might have a 7K, a 2K, and a 3D.

To make a move, the weakest player on a side plays a stone. The next strongest player - his 'big brother' - looks at it, and either says that it is ok, or moves the stone to a better location. If he chooses to move the stone, he must give the other team a prisoner for having done so. The next strongest player on the team then has the opportunity to correct him - and also has to give up a prisoner if he does. When the strongest player on the side has finally made his decision, the team is done, and then the other team starts their move.

It can be very educational. If you consider the number of prisoners that could accumulate, you can see that big brother has to let the majority of younger brother's moves stay as played. The weaker players get to play the game mostly the way they want to, but the really bad mistakes get corrected.

The elder brother usually offers some explanation of why the move needs changing. ( This is one of the fine points of the game, for if he says too much, younger brother is getting advice on his next move. If he says too little, younger brother cannot learn as much. So it seems to be a natural match for MalkovichGame's hidden moves. )

Joaz Banbeck: I hope to start a Malkovich, one-move-per-day version of this on GoDiscussions early this summer.

The game was started, and when GD died, it moved to [ext]

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