Karl Knechtel: Two plays are potentially worth points: a and b.

For White, a is better, making miai of b and c. For Black, a is better again, since b is then a 1-point gote, whereas with b, a is an ambiguous move for White.

Black can play (did I get it right this time? Black on the left, with positive score?) to (2 | 1). White can play to ((1 | 0) | 0), which is 0 (Black has a 0-point sente from the miai, i.e. a ko threat). The game tree then reduces to (1.5 | 0), so this is a 0.75 point gote, with a current value of 0.75 points for Black. (If Black gets this play, the next play is a 0.5 point gote.)

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