Beginner Move Function Problem 4

  Difficulty: Intermediate   Keywords: Problem

What is White thinking about? Match the numbered idea with the lettered move. Not all of them actually fulfill the idea. Which work and which do not? Which might be the best move? Or, is there another move, not listed, that is even better?


White to play  

1. Build moyo/take big point.

2. Approach move that invites Black to take corner.

3. Avoid being shut in.

4. Press Black into low position and build influence toward center.

5. Reduce value of Black's thickness while expanding moyo.

6. Splitting move.

7. Light reduction.

Post answers and thoughts at /Solution.

Zook: as a midrange dan player, I have a very hard time finding what move corresponds to your functionalities. In fact, I try to sneak into your skin and ask myself how you think. That's impossible for a beginner. Please don't get me wrong, I find these exercises exciting but I think this should be intermediate level if not advanced. As an example, the "pincer-avoiding approach", I know which move you mean because I know a joseki which I think you consider inevitable after a pincer and indeed, it more or less deals with the pincer in a way that one is not forced to either run away or abandon the stone as with other pincer joseki. A beginner can't figure this out. Moreover, i thin we amateur dans should not get overly confident in "knowing" the purpose of this kind of move. Also, the "build thickness" function I only found through barring the others. Cheers.

SnotNose: Thanks for feedback Zook! I'd be interested to see your answers and discussion on the solutions page. I think you likely have some things to say that would be valuable for kyus and dans.

"Build thickness" changed to "Press Black into low position and build influence toward center". "Pincer-avoiding approach move" changed to "approach move that invites Black to take corner."

Difficulty changed to "Intermediate" and a warning has been placed on the refering page that notes that this may be harder than the other problems.

It should be noted that the ideas that match to moves may not be correct. Figuring out which are and which are not is certainly not beginner level. But, this criticism can be applied to the other problems in this series. So, perhaps the whole thing should be bumped up to advanced. Since I am not the original creator of the series, I don't feel it would be appropriate for me to do that. AlexWeldon's thoughts on this are welcome here.

Alex Weldon: My comments on the solution page, since they contain some spoilers.

David Hardt: As a beginner-to-intermediate player, I like this "matching" move to a strategic idea concept. And I think it could be useful to a beginner if only to suggest important ideas to be aware of as you think about "good moves." A good move has to have a purpose (or multiple potential purposes), and a beginner needs to learn what some of the basic strong purposes are. This puzzle concept combines learning some of these purposes with an illustration of what a move that at least intends to fulfill that purpose might look like. I'll send one of these pages to beginner/intermediate friend of mine to see what he thinks, and report back.

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