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Highly speculative solution by lavalyn:

Good shape?  

W1 nullifies the threat of the false eye by creating a tiger shape defending the eye's vital point.

KarlKnechtel: I'm convinced this is it. I saw W1 as playing at what looked like a key point of the space surrounded by Black, and also making good shape - but the shape I saw was the nameless one made by W1 and the white+circle stones. :)

Deebster: Charles Matthews has dubbed it the table shape.

unkx80: Sometimes good feeling is important in life and death situations. Often good feeling can help one in making the correct choices, such as W1 in this diagram. But this feeling needs to be cultivated.

Black puts up more resistance - Black 8 at 4  

Of course, if there were a stone (black or white) at a, this defence wouldn't work because of shortage of liberties.

Another variation - Black 8 at 4  

unkx80: B6 is another possible play by Black. But when B8 makes a throw-in, White can connect at W9 as there is an extra liberty at a.

Yet another variation  

byorgey: If Black plays B2, then White ataris with B3, leading to the same configuration seen in the diagrams above.

Basic failure  

Just trying to create eye space doesn't work - Black makes an eye false.

Moosky: I think Black answering directly at B4 (instead of B2) is even better. If W3 at B2, then B4 at the circle.

Failure 2.  

unkx80: Sometimes W1 is a common way of making an eye, but it fails here.

White 7 a BIG BIG mistake  

lavalyn While doing some revision and a bad edit:

Don't get too clever thinking White has caught Black in snapback - White needs one more liberty for that!!!

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