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White connects  

jts: Presumably in a game the sequence would end at W3.

White captures  

jts: After W5, a and b are miai for the kill.

tapir: After B6 and B8 white still captures but has to throw in at c, which is the correct technique.

What about this?  

unkx80: I am not convinced of your solution. What about this? Reuven: Oh I was actually thinking of the solution proposed here and totally missed this as well... It seems the problem was wrong :) Perhaps if these (circle marked) stones are removed, it'd work? Or do you guys have a better fix?

tapir: What about W7 next, preparing a cut at either a or b?

Depends on a Ladder  

Anonymous: B12 looks like aji keshi if the ladder is no good. Also making bamboo instead of directly connecting reduces the libs on white's cutting string.

If the ladder is no good  
con't; W27 @ 1  

W connects around the corner, assuming B can't win the ko at 7. If W's bottom group was dead instead of alive it would make a wicked problem.

MrTenuki: It seems to me that White can avoid the ko altogether under this variation. But we still can't count this as a solution because it depends on a ladder being broken.

Maybe this? (B26 @ W19)  

MrTenuki: Here's my SDK Attempt.

Another try...  

If B2 is played at a, then W3 at b-B4 at c-W5 at d captures the corner because White will have time to play e. If B2 is played at b, then W3 will be played at a. So Black resists...

Another try, continued  

Since White has the a-b-c sequence to capture the corner, Black needs to capture the marked stones in a ladder...

Another try, continued  

...but the ladder seems to be broken. Unfortunately, Black seems to have a better refutation:

And Black escapes.  

W7 cannot be played at a due to a shortage of liberties.


At least White retains sente. But is this good enough?

Another beginner attempt  

fivebells?: Sure I'm missing something. Would be grateful to learn what... If B2 at W3, W3 at B2, and White connects through on those stones instead.

togo: When Black foolishly answers with B2, this indeed could be a continuation. Anyway, Black had no chance then. And indeed Black always can connect the big dumpling, with White catching the small group afterwards. But here is a better play: B2 on a (see above).

How about this?  

hp: A beginner's try... Ends in a ko fight, I think?

- B6 above W1 instead of above W5. W cannot save her cutting stones.

Does not work  

Togo: As said above.

togo: I moved fivebells' diagram to an earlier position; it was already answered there.

So, next try! There is a solution.

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