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Black sees the problem too late  

demetria: Taking into account the level of play, White can probably start a capture race. White will need to get ahead by making a hane or capping play of some sort. If Black resists after becoming committed deeply enough, White can make a net and probably capture the eye-making stone before Black knows what hit him.

To minimize the damage, Black should turn white aside with a hane at earliest opportunity.

Black sees the problem too late  

unkx80: W8 must capture the four black stones by playing at W9. Otherwise, B9 connects, and...

Another try

Black's cunning plan  

Confused: This is probably the sequence Black envisioned, when the cut at white+circle was left unprotected. With the eyes at a and b, Black is alive and the white stones dead. Unfortunaltly, White doesn't have to play this way.

Black getting entangled in a net.  

After W2, White can catch Black in a net with W4. B5 and B7 can be exchanged without changing the result.

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