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Here's the rules (not finished):

1. Must be completely written from scratch yourself (not a GNUGo recompile). Using GNUGo for final_status_list dead and kgs-genmove_cleanup after 2 passes finishes the game is OK as it ensures more accurate determination of the winner;

2. Must have an account on KGS to conduct the contests;

3. Must be able to pass N times at the beginning to give handicap (not easy with the current kgsGtp interface);

Why this? Both GTP and KGS have a proper way to deal with large, free handicap (use Chinese rules on KGS).

Kestrel: because, unless I've missed it there's no kgsGtp way of telling a Bot to take a handicap in a Bot vs Bot match. I don't think handicap=9 is possible in the kgsGtp java wrapper which drives the Bot engine.

alfalfa: Seems to me that it's in wms's own best interest to change this feature of kgsgtp... Otherwise, if a program has to pass several times in an "even" game... it would mess up the kgs ratings, and I don't think wms wants that, does he? So, "someone" should try to make this clear to wms, and thereby request such a feature change. Other interfaces, like twogtp, do provide such a feature of setting the handicap beforehand.

4. Contests will be booked in advance (so we can all watch);

5. Contests will all be 19x19, Komi 0.5;

6. Contests will involve 2 games at 30 mins absolute (one each colour for each programme), 2 games at 10 mins + 25 moves every 10 mins and finally 2 games at 10 + 25 moves every 30 mins to test out deeper 'thinking' - loss on time is a loss;

7. You can challenge the Bot one above you in the ladder at a reduced handicap, or the one below you at an increased handicap. If you win, either the handicap difference in the ladder is changed, or the Bots will swap order in the ladder;

7a. Taking white in every game represents 1 stone difference, taking white with one pass represents two stones etc.

8. Most wins decides. If an even number of wins occurs, no change in the ladder (to give a bit of stability);

9. Contests must be start to finish within 24 hrs;

10. Contests take place in the Computer Go room on KGS.

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