BQM 560

Leading up to position, #1  
Leading up to position, #2  

kb As I understand it, this is a "noseki" but for whatever reason I'd like to analyze the follow-ups a little. (The cut at a doesn't work.) Let's analyze follow-ups here.

tapir: You are stronger than me... however, there is one game of Kato Masao vs. Kajiwara Takeo from 1977 featuring this position. There the continuation was the peep at b as a part of Kato Masao settling his stones inside Kajiwara's framework. For Black I believe it would be nice to close the left side with c or d, while this induces White to live in the corner it also induces Black fixing the cutting point. In the game White peeped at b first build a base for his stones in sente to come back and jump out at d.

But, forcing White to live in the corner isn't so easy. And even if White does, even after fixing the cutting point Black has a shape with weaknesses.

Idea #1 - White is alive in sente  
Idea #2 - White is alive already (and Black has another cutting point to care about)  
Idea #3 - White living in the corner, but without B7 there would be a defect in Black's wall  
Idea #4 - White living in the corner, but without another move White can do some funny business to settle within Black's sphere of influence  

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