BQM 517

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Semper: Hello :)

I am having a really hard time figuring this one out.. maybe is just the time of evening, but could you please take a look ? :)


it's the first on that page, I'll put it underneath:

Tsumego problem  

We're looking at that corner, and it is Blacks turn to play.

unkx80: I think you asked for this problem somewhere else some time ago. The first time you asked it, I did not find the solution. This time, with some trial and error from the URL you gave me, I managed to find the unconditional kill.

Please tell me whether you want the full solution sequence. For a hint, the first move is at 3-3. Then, sacrifice two stones using capture two recapture one, which leaves white with no eyes for the capture.

Semper: Awsome Unkx80 ^^ thank you, I had tried that sequence before, except I had missed the stone on 1-4 and the idea of captur and recapture.

Thank you :) ^^

Semper: Hello again ! There is another I am having a hard time with, I am probably just missing something simple, but if you could look at it I would appreciate it !

[ext] number 287

Blacks turn to play.  

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