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This is a position in the middle game where I was playing W. Komi is 0.5, with that in mind, White seems slightly ahead, but I'm not quite sure. The indicated W stone was the last move. I see many moves for Black. Is the best move A,B,C,D,E, or F? Black played G. Am I correct to think that White is ahead at this stage? Also. Any quick comments on the position would be great. Black is 11k, W 10k

19x19 diagram  

One thing that occurs to me is you have a fair amount of influence pointing towards white's enclosure in the lower left. This might be a good time for a probe around n or m, threatening to either live underneath or connect to your surrounding groups. emeraldemon

19x19 diagram  

d is the biggest move on this board. White should have played there instead of the last move which didn't achieve much (b would have been better locally). It is most probably sente for white as another move there leaves black very low on eyespace. Its points value is huge too.

tapir: d is not only sente, it is urgent! black is strong on the left and on the top. and this is the only weak group. white at d threatens to kill and will most probably force black to live small, taking the corner and outside forcing moves in the process.

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