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There is something very confusing about Gennan Inseki. In Invincible by John Power, a wonderful collection of the games of Shusaku, Gennan Inseki is depicted as being the head of the Inoue house, who rivals with the head of the Honinbo house, Jowa, to become Meijin. After the retreat of Jowa, due to his scheming and manipulations being exposed by Hayashi Genbi, Gennan continued his quest for Meijin but was successively defeated by Honinbo Shuwa and Shusaku.

In Appreciating Famous Games however, when giving a game between Gennan and Shuwa, the author says "This is not the Intetsu (meaning Gennan) of the Red Ear Game, by the way. That was Akaboshi Intetsu, his pupil".

As John Power tells it, Akaboshi Intetsu was the one playing the Blood vomiting game against Jowa. Probably Appreciating Famous Games confused the two immortal games, so this might be something for errata in books.

-- Dieter Verhofstadt

Spirit I think it's a translation typo. Shuzo is probably referring to the Blood vomiting game which was played by Akaboshi and not the red ear game. I don't know who translated the book but it's an obvious error to make if that person is not too familiar with go.

xela: The translator is John Fairbairn, who doesn't often make obvious errors. However, I agree, I can't see how it makes sense unless the blood vomiting game is meant. (The relevant paragraph is on page 128 of the book, at the start of chapter 6, "Jowa, the grand champion".)

John F. The error was mine, and there was another one, which I've forgotten - it was some 30 years ago, was it not? - , caused by trying to add a few notes in-line to the translation. There were reasons why there was no correction made in later reprints, but they don't belong here. What I hope is close to a definitive version of the known events of the life of Genan Inseki - at least it's very long :) - is on the GoGoD CD.

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