Amateur Fuseki 6

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Could someone please explain how to handle this position (white's turn):

White to play what?  

Andrew Grant: Close the bottom right corner at a. It is a general principle that shimari has a very high priority in the opening. Since there is no urgent play elsewhere, I see no reason not to play a.

Game continuation  

In the game whites W1 was answered by B2. Again, what to play here? The sequence white a - black b - white c, or a shimari at d or e. Or even something like f? Are there any general principles that one could use to deal with this kind of positions? (I am really a bit lost here...):

HolIgor: I think that white is very good at the moment. It is time to wrap up the game. The only thing that worries me a little is the group at the top. I am not that good in tsume go to be certain that it is alive at a glance. If it is then white is high, black does not have much of view on a moyo. I'd take white. The moves that add to yourself and take from the opponent are largest. I'd play in the general direction of f now. This goes with my overal strategy of preparing a good place for opponent's invasion. I' still play one point to the right of f. I am mild and I don't like too many holes. d or e look very suspicious for me, like trying to hold too much. Too many holes. Holding it seems unrealistic. I'd better make two solid groups and suggest the the opponent invades. I think that white is strong enough to be willing to accept a fight after black's invasion with a move to the left of c.

Many thanks!

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