Alak Game 1

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Scartol: Alak is a one-dimensional variant of Go that is played in Arde, the 2-D planet in A.K. Dewdney's book The Planiverse. It seems much less complex than 2-D Go, but let's give it a shot and see what we find.

As explained on the page Alak, a player may fill in the final liberty of her own chain, which is the equivalent of making two eyes.

The board is 1x11, so that's what we've got here. I'll take black -- who wants white?

I want white - Migeru

Alak Game #1  

(Is there a way to get just a straight line on the diagram?)

(No, but this is more symmetric)
Alak Game #1 (1-10)  
White 2
I was going to play at 'a', but let's see what happens.

B3: This looks good. I can fill in the blank space between the stones to make the chain live if I have to.

White 4
I don't think white can afford to play symmetrically at 'a'.
Isn't this suicide? Isn't W4 an illegal move? Charles? -- Scartol
Sorry about that, but I needed to try this :-) I have stated the question on the Alak page. - Migeru
Alak Game #1  

'a' was my previous choice, but B1 makes the game more interesting. Will white start a capturing race by playing at 'b'?

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