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Becoming a problem collection was not the original purpose of Sensei's Library, unlike GoProblems.com. Still, it is an acceptable use of the wiki, and a few conventions have arisen. Generally, the problem is presented on one page, as in Ladder Exercise 1, with no spoilers such as attempts and solutions. The solution page is typically placed at the solution subpage (e.g., Ladder Exercise 1 / Solution). Any attempts, including failed ones, go into the attempts subpage (e.g., Ladder Exercise 1 / Attempts). Other subpages, such as hints, may also be placed in their own subpages. The person who posts the problem doesn't need to create the attempts page, though either he or another deshi might edit it later, to improve it.

For linking subpages for hints, attempts, solution and discussion there is a problem template. You invoke it by {{problem|parametre=1}}, it has four parametres 1) hint to give a link to the hint page, 2) discussion to give a link to the discussion page, 3) solved to omit the attempts subpage and 4) long to give a short introduction in the meaning of attempts and solution pages which may be appropriate for the very first problems of introductory problem series.

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