4-5 point 4-3 approach outside contact/discussion

A reading question regarding the 5-4 opening

Attaching outside when the 5-4 is invaded  

A common response to Black opening with B1 on the 5-4 point is White to invade at the 3-4 point with W2 (4-5 point 4-3 approach). Black attaches "on the outside" with B3, White hane's with W4, Black quietly backs off with B5, and White connects to the outside with W6.

Although a is a common next move, see the following diagram for another possibility.

How should White respond to Black's jab at B5 ?  

Black can turn at B1 instead of cutting. After Black cuts at B3 and White connects with W4, B5 is a well-timed jab.

Care to guess what White should do ?

White lets the black cutting stone survive  

In this case it would be wrong for White to capture a stone by playing at B2 [1] .

Instead, White should come out with W1. Black connects out with B2, White turns with W3, Black runs twice with B4 and B6.

However, the interesting reading question comes up here.

It can be verified that if White presses once more with c, Black can kill White in the corner by responding at b .

Hence after Black B6, White should make life by attaching at a [2] .

White to Play  

The fact that Black was supposed to play a instead of attacking with B1 implies that B1 is too aggressive.

How should White take advantage now ?

As far as I can tell, the Get Strong at Joseki 2 book does not answer this question, but since the book does say Black should play a instead of B1, the question begs to be answered.

Please place your answers below.

[1] See problem 84 of Get Strong at Joseki 2

[2] See problem 89 of Get Strong at Joseki 2

White to Play  

unkx80: My intuition calls for this. Needs verification.

Eric Osman: Looks like a good start, but can't Black put up a more interesting fight with a instead of B7 ?

White to Play  

unkx80: I don't think black can win the capturing race.

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