3-3 point invasion query 9

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This 2005-07 discussion has been largely rendered obsolete by advancements in 3-3 theory made since the AI revolution of 2016-17. B4 is now a very common joseki move, discussed in more detail at 4-4 Point, 3-3 Invasion, Jumping Away.

Hans: A few days ago I saw this sequence appearing in a game: Is this hamete or just another joseki move which is uncommon?



Sente in comparision to gote

tderz: It is a method for Black to get sente.
[1] Important is the stretch B6. If W7 crawls, Black does not have to respond immedeately locally and gets global sente.
The cutting point at c is protected, because Black has also more liberties (around d).

The more "usual"(?) variation on the right ends in gote after white a, Black b.

I just see that unkx added already a continuation,
however, B10 in [2] could be at B6 here in [1].

Of course, Black could also wait (as in Zhang Wendong vs. Zhou Heyang 1992-09-14) and decide later whether to hane at B7 or nobi B2.

Having checked gobase, I get the impression, that the continuation following my reasoning is played least often.
White playing d himself, with Black replying at e occurs often, as does the simple (?) Black f for B6 (=unkx80's variation below).

My summary could be: if White crawls with W7 take sente.

unkx80: I think this is joseki.[2]


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