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We scored wrong and wish to undo - on KGS server [#996]

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reply We scored wrong and wish to undo - on KGS server (2007-05-28 18:42) [#3404]

A friend of mine and I played a GO game on the KGS server today and (hard to explain, we're both noobs) we scored it wrong. I ended-up winning, but a 4 kyu dude showed up and took a look at our game and my opponent should have won.

I am asking for a way to undo or unlock COMPLETED games which have already been scored.

Sorry if this is the wrong place. I could use some help.

KarlKnechtel: Re: We scored wrong and wish to undo - on KGS server (2007-05-28 19:00) [#3406]

As far as I know, it's not possible; sorry.

Don't worry about it so much; you know who won, and maybe even learned something (from the 4k's analysis). As for the effect on your or the other guy's rating, these things will average out over time. Besides which, the rankings of beginner players are honestly pretty meaningless; you will (assuming an honest effort and desire) improve much more quickly than the system can accurately measure. (If I ran things on KGS, beginning players would be unranked until 'blessed' by assistants in the BR with a shiny new 20k, when they reach that level of skill. Maybe even 15k would be more appropriate. Doesn't IGS have some weird 'beginner class' thing under 18k?)

Anyway, during the scoring, you can shift-click groups which were marked as dead to unmark them, or hit undo and pass again to reset everything.

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