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Who's better in this position? [#9485]

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bugcat: Who's better in this position? (2020-08-02 20:11) [#11552]

This is from my most recent game (I was Black). Black is to play and the komi is 7.5 (Japanese rules). I thought I had an advantage, and I was surprised to see that the engine (a weak version of KataGo) gave White winrate of 75%.

My question is, is White obviously better or is it a matter of style? Would you prefer the white or black position and why?

Moves 44 to 44  
Dieter: ((no subject)) (2020-08-03 15:45) [#11553]

It's always easier to confidently explain an assessment by KataGo than making an unbiased assessment yourself.

I'm still learning to interpret KataGo (AI) evaluations. Major human heuristics we can derive are sente and efficiency of development and stabilization.

Both the upper and lower left show a position where Black has a definite but small territory, while White has more than mere influence, these are strong groups with a lot of scope for further development. They are squeezing the two side stones which will have a hard time taking care of themselves while developing. The right side is definitely more under Black's development but the strength on the opposite side is so great that it will influence what happens here too.

I would take White, even if KataGo didn't tell me but I would not give myself a 75% chance to win the game.

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2020-08-03 18:46) [#11554]


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