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What do you mean, obsolete? [#9341]

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reply What do you mean, obsolete? (2020-06-14 21:24) [#11537]

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Dieter: Re: What do you mean, obsolete? (2020-06-15 09:42) [#11538]

With "obsolete" this community has judged that the listed books may have served the purpose of a beginner book at the time of publication but no longer today. There are plenty of modern beginner books which also vary in quality, but there the community leaves it up to personal preference.

Of course, if you like old instruction books, despite their being out of tune format wise and content wise, because they're closer to the origins, or you just like it that way, then they will be valuable to you. Re: What do you mean, obsolete? (2020-06-15 18:06) [#11539]

Well, Smith pretty well sucks, and always has. ;)

Korshelt is not a beginner's book. But, yes, obsolete is a good term for it.

As for Lasker, some people do not like the dense style, but it offers a good introduction and, most importantly, inspires the reader to want to play such a beautiful game. It is not a how to book.

By contrast, Iwamoto really is obsolete, having been surpassed as a how to book by more recent and better material.

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