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ArnoHollosi: MinorEdit confusion (2005-10-23 14:31) [#231]

SirLyric: Why is it that when I make a major edit, giving it a useful comment, then notice a tiny mistake and make a minor edit, checking the box that says "don't log it to RecentChanges", the comment that shows on RecentChanges is the comment of the later, minor edit?

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ArnoHollosi: Re: MinorEdit confusion (2005-10-23 14:32) [#232]

GoJaC: I agree that this behaviour is confusing/irritating. Any possibility of changing it to display the "major edit"'s message in RecentChanges? Or in what case does it make sense to keep the minor edit's message? It also seems to me that some minor edit history / diffs are actually lost (well, not kept), is this true? (I can't find a way to display the full minor-edit history of a page.) FullRecentChanges doesn't seem to show them either. (Maybe this happens when it's the same user making multiple sequential minor edits?)

My conclusions are that, when making a minor edit, one should keep the "Short summary of change" the same as the most recent major edit, pretend a minor edit is just a continuation of the most recent major edit. If this is indeed the case (in implementation, for example), then it does make sense to only show the most recent "summary of change" in RecentChanges, this behaviour should just be documented. I suppose this paragraph can serve as such documentation, but my feeling is it should be said a lot more tersely ;-), and these two paragraphs can then be deleted.

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ArnoHollosi: Re: MinorEdit confusion (2005-10-24 12:38) [#233]

As GoJaC points out, there are several issues at work here:

  • when you immediately reedit a page (i.e. multiple sequential edits within a certain time) no new version is saved and RecentChanges shows only one entry.
  • That RC entry is shown as a major edit if any of the sequential edits was a major edit.
  • As sequential edits only produce one RC line, the latest edit summary line is taken to display in RC
    • Thus you see the "old" RC summary when making a sequential edit (reason: no new version). And if you change it, then the summary of a previous major edit changes as well ("previous" is in the current editing sequence of the same author)
  • Also, therefore you cannot change a major edit to a minor edit by reediting and checking the minor edit box.
    • You can however change a minor edit to a major edit as the one major edit in the sequence prevails.

I hope that clears things up a bit.

GoJaC: Re: MinorEdit confusion (2005-10-24 02:03) [#238]

Ah, that's great, thanks! (Any need to document this neatly on the MinorEdit page? I guess probably not. This discussion should be perfect for anyone looking for a little more info.)

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