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Excellent printing of Drago and several wishes for usage. [#905]

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reply Excellent printing of Drago and several wishes for usage. (2007-03-14 20:53) [#3177]

Hi Gilles,

I was trying to print a problem collection and I am amazed with Drago's capability on doing printing. I cant find another word other than excellent. Opening a File full of sgfs wouldnt be that easy without this. So I decided to work more on Drago, and these are my wishlist, if you mind Gilles. :) I am sorry if any of these options are already in Drago and I wasted your time reading these.

1- It would be nice if we could see both player's names, ranks, komi, event name and result in the one part of panels on the right.

2- Can we move panel to left?

3- It would be nice to jump to the end and beginning of variations by PageUp? and PageDown? buttons. And may be an option would be put as to make variation ghost stones smaller than original moves.

4- About, treelist. I think showing move's color, and current move with a markup confuses the user. Would there be an option to show all stones in the tree list as one color and current move as a different color so that state in treelist be more recognisable, and also stones in treelist would be square too, so that they cover less space since branches are also squareing. Also, is "..." marks on stones have a meaning?

5- When I put an image to goban background, a very tiny piece around the board, may be 2-3 pixels, remains as white.

6- More importantly, I want to suggest several additions to the showing the last move. It would be very nice to put a larger marker, filled inside, empty inside and different shapes. I like glGo's round circle, jago's empty square and stonebase's rotated filled triangle for example. Drago's tiny markup is not very well visible.

7- Also too many options in a program makes it too complicated, but "Advanced Options" and "Reset to Defaults" buttons are for that complications anyway.

Thanks and Regards.


GillesArcas: Comments on requests (2007-03-18 19:27) [#3218]

1/ Configurable information pane: added to the wishlist.

2/ Ok. Could be extended to a docking information panel: added to one of the requests in the wishlist.

3/ Jump to the end and beginning of variations: you can use the extended navigation commands configured with "Starts of variation" and "Ends of variation".

3 and 6/ Current move and next moves markers should be configurable. And other markups too. Added to the wishlist.

4/ Ok: Improve game tree readability. I must think a little bit more to this one. I am not sure to like the idea of square stones. '...' markers mean there is some property in the node (comments or markups mainly).

5/ I cannot reproduce this. Please send me the image and the ini file (email in the about box if ever).

7/ Yes :-) an advanced option dialog should be available.

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