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Dieter: contact (2020-03-29 17:46) [#11507]

Hi bugcat

I'm one of the "librarians" here, bestowed with some moderation power. Is there another way we can have a brief talk, other than here?



reply ((no subject)) (2020-06-27 17:30) [#11543]

I don't really know what this is about, Dieter. I've barely even posted on this site in two years; I popped in today out of boredom / nostalgia. I might not check back in here again for a while either.

If you're asking me about the recent vandalism of my page to show an anti-marijuana statement, the reason for that is that I had had a series of arguments about the ethics of illegal, recreational drug use with a "frenemy" in OGS chat. He admitted to me that it was him, and the issue was basically resolved by dint of me not going back to OGS chat again, and I don't want to pursue any action on that front.

As for the quick chat, I was active on Discord for a while, especially on the Open Study Room server, but I don't use it much at the moment. I don't think there is any "private message" functionality on SL, but if there is then I could give you my email.

-- best regards, bug

ArnoHollosi: contact (2022-02-23 11:03) [#12025]

Hi, could you please mail me at I'd like to elevate your powers from deshi to librarian :o) Thank you for all the work you are doing here!

bugcat: will do! (2022-02-24 11:53) [#12026]

Thank you!

Dieter: ((no subject)) (2022-03-22 16:37) [#12034]

Did this not happen? I see delete requests from bugcat, while he should have the power by now.

Let me know if there's anything I can do.

bugcat: haven't seen a delete button (2022-03-22 22:13) [#12035]

I couldn't find a "Delete" button on any page I was on, even with ctrl+f, so I'd assumed that it was at a yet higher moderation level.

I do have the "Revive" option that I didn't have before.

Now I realise it was probably under "Remove" the whole time, but I didn't see that either.

Where can I look for Delete / Remove in the UI?

Dieter: Re: haven't seen a delete button (2022-03-23 10:13) [#12036]

Personal --> remove page

If you want we can set up a teams/zoom session to do a quick run of admin functions.

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2022-03-24 02:33) [#12037]

Thanks for the reply.

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