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reply a minor suggestion (2007-03-12 13:44) [#3154]

This program seems does not support to view variations one by one just by clicking on the "next move" button. Now to view other variations other than the "main path" you should select it in the variation list manually. It's a little bit inconvenient sometime. As I know some other programs like MultiGo or StoneBase support to show all the variations one by one simply by clicking on the next button. Why not add an option in the "options" dialog to allow people to choose whether to "traversing through" variations or not?

GillesArcas: Variation buttons (2007-03-12 23:58) [#3155]

If I understand correctly, you could add the variation buttons to the toolbar. Open the option dialog and select toolbar tab to do that.

You could also assigned shortcuts in the shortcut tab in option dialog.


reply variation button (2007-03-13 14:42) [#3158]

I tried it but it does not work as what I expected.

What I mean is, if there's three variations (v1, v2, v3) seperated from the same point (p0), by clicking on the "next" button the program will first go through v3, then jump back to the junction point(p0) and go through v2, then again back to p0 and go through v1 to the end.

With this manner I can see all the variations one by one just by clicking on a single "next" button, I needn't switch between the "next" button and the navigation panel or the "variation" button.

It's just like starting from the root of a tree I can reach every leaf by clicking on a single button, not just one branch (though the main branch) of the tree.

GillesArcas: Extended navigation buttons (2007-03-18 19:09) [#3159]

Sorry. If I have understood better, you could try the extended navigation buttons First, click on the down arrow to acces to navigation settings. Check "Every N moves" and enter 1 as the value, and check "Ends of variation". Now the ">*" buttons make it possible to visit all the moves in a game tree one by one. When it reachs the end of a line of play, it continues with the nearest branch it did not visit.

X Re: Extended navigation buttons (2007-03-14 14:31) [#3167]

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I have tried the extended navigation buttons according to your suggestion, now I can see all the variations by single-button clicks, but it still doesn't work as what I meant.

Maybe I haven't explained the problem quite clearly, since english is not my native language (I'm a chinese in fact).

Let's suppose we're seeing a Go match broadcast on TV. Now the game has reached a critical point, and the commentator said,

Hmm. let's guess what's the next move of the white player. Maybe F5? But black will go F3, then white H5, then black H3, and white will under serious attack. or maybe white go C3? The variations on the corner is too complicated and it's quite hard to make this decision. But how about C7? it seems not bad... OK, white finally chooses C7, let's see what's black's move next...

Yes, here F5 is what I called "v2" last time, C3 is the "v3" and C7 is "v1"(or the main path, the move which the player finally chooses). For a natural progress, here the commentator should first show all the branching variations (v2 & v3) to the audiences, then follows v1 (the white's actual move) to the next point. This is also what all the Go books or manuals explains or analyze the games for the readers. We don't expect to follow the main path without any pause until the end of the game, then return to the earlier branching points and try other variations. We just expect the commentator can show us all the variations and tell us what's better what's not good on a critical point, then go to the next move.

And yes, this is also what other programs like MultiGo or Stonebase does. If I still haven't explained it clearly, you can download a MultiGo ([ext] or Stonebase ( program and try it, then you'll see what I mean. Of course I don't mean these two programs are better than Drago (maybe it's only caused by the cultural differences, because these two programs are all written by Chinese programmers, maybe they're more or less closer to the Chinese readers' customs), in fact I quite like Drago, I only wish it could be better and better. Add an option to allow people to replay the moves in that style, I think that's enough.

GillesArcas: ((no subject)) (2007-03-18 18:22) [#3217]

Maybe I haven't explained the problem quite clearly, since english is not my native language (I'm a chinese in fact).

;-) Sorry for my poor understanding! Actually I am French. Sorry also to have been too much confident with my solution. A lot of traversing methods can be defined on a game tree, and yes, the one you describe seems very natural (and not available in Drago).

I add this to the wishlist.


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