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reply Chinese translation (2007-03-11 05:44) [#3152]

To Author of Drago:

Dear Sir,

I'm a Go Game fan from China, I have played Go for several years and have used MultiGo and UliGo to study Go for some time. They're quite nice programs. Yesterday I downloaded Drago from your site, tried it and found it's really a fascinating program, it combined the features of MutiGo? and UliGo and even more exciting features integrated in such a small, fast program. With this program people can not only study famous Go Games, enjoy the arts of the Masters, but also solve puzzles and play games with the engines. I loved it from the first sight when I opened this program. But the only pity is that it has no Chinese version.

I also like programming in spare time and sometimes write some programs by myself for use in work, or just for fun. I know to translate this program into Chinese is just to create another language file, i.e., save the Drago-en.lng into Drago-cn.eng and then translate the right column into Chinese. It seems not quite a hard work. If possible, I'm quite glad and feel honoured to do this work for you.

Best regards Liang Xu from Shanghai, China

GillesArcas: Some work required for Chinese translation (2007-03-11 23:02) [#3153]

Thanks a lot for praise. Unfortunately for the Chinese translation, Drago is developped with Delphi, a very nice programming environment but which does not support directly Unicode. It is possible to use some free components ("Tnt Unicode") but this will require some more work.


reply ((no subject)) (2007-06-04 20:34) [#3426]

Dragos would be even better if it recognized unicode for simplified and traditional chinese language as there seems to be quite a collection of chinese language sgf available on the internet.

GillesArcas: Looking for non ascii sgf files (2007-06-24 16:37) [#3483]

Yes, Unicode will be the next step. I have already some files with GB18030 Chinese code page from Flygo?, but I would be very interesting if you could provide me with sgf files or links to files with other character encodings.

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