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Nice feature would be to be able to rotate the board [#765]

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reply Nice feature would be to be able to rotate the board (2006-11-28 18:54) [#2460]

First of all I have to say, that Drago is the best framework I have found in the net and the best programm interacting with GNU Go correctly. One feature would be great: To rotate the board of any SGF file. Reason: Our brain likes to see patterns in different orienations -- would be a great tool for learning purposes . Grinder has this feature -- I know, but "Replay sessions" would really profit very much in Drago. A second feature I am dreaming about concerns an extension to "Replay sessions" that automatically counts a "score" and starts the "game" from the beginning automatically (optional) when a mistake was done. Possible would be also a mode, that switches inbetween a respository of different files and asks for the move at that position. Very good if you want to get a feeling for the opponents way of playing.

Just a dream -- Drago could make it real.



reply ((no subject)) (2007-08-08 18:28) [#3760]

I have dreamed of this too. Toggle a setting for random (or regular) board rotation and also mirror. This results in 8 permutations. This feature could be used for added brain work-out, or as a novel handicap for the stronger player. I thought of this while considering how to distinguish truly unique games and locate pattern matches. -- smandoli

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