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reply meeting times (2006-11-05 21:20) [#2351]

Hi, I would like to know if you still meet at the same time of the week, Tuesday at 7pm? Thanks in advance,

davou: still meeting? (2008-01-04 04:43) [#4201]

Im interested in comming this comming tuesday, but I stopped by the room to return some issues I borrowed of goworld and the notice on the door forbid any non grad students from entering...

Does the club still meet? Are there still tournaments in montreal? I cant find any signs of life online, someone please help!

X Re: still meeting? (2008-01-10 22:28) [#4204]

i am a new go player in montreal and am looking for some players to play with. so i guess we have the same question does a go club in montreal exist?

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