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Using cgoban3 with firefox and linux [#641]

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xela: Using cgoban3 with firefox and linux (2006-09-19 06:17) [#2205]

This got deleted from KGSStatus?, but might be useful to some people, so I'm repeating it here:

I had a slightly interesting time getting it to work with linux and firefox. I think the point of the "Java web start" system is that it's supposed to be completely automatic, but firefox didn't know what a "jnlp" file was. The file needs to be opened with the "javaws" application, then everything else works just fine. The hard part was finding the path to javaws; on my system it turned out to be /usr/java/jre1.5.0_04/javaws/javaws, but it may not be the same for everyone.

Another slightly frustrating aspect of doing it this way is that I don't know how to start CGoban from the command line. I can start javaws, which will give me a window from which I can choose CGoban--but it's an annoying extra step, and means that I can't give CGoban a command line argument. If there's a better way, someone please tell me!

P.S. Ron Smith, whoever he is, has just told me that javaws has a '-open' flag--i.e, you can open an SGF file from the command line with something like

"/path/to/your/java/bin/javaws -open filename [ext]"

Thanks also to glue for helping with this.

reply ((no subject)) (2006-09-20 22:39) [#2215]

I don't use webstart.
The jnlp file is a xml file, you can open it in an editor. The interesting parts are: codebase="[ext]" and href="javaBin/cgoban.jar"
Knowing this, you can download cgoban3 from [ext]

I made a script called cgoban3 with a command like this:
java -jar /path/to/cgoban.jar $*
Test the script with "cgoban3 -help". And you will get a usage window.

The options are:
-help: Show this message
-edit <file>: Bring up <file> in an SGF editor
-connect: Connect to the K Go Server
-nosplash: Don't create the opening title window

P.S. -nosplash does not work for me.

Flower: Re: ((no subject)) (2007-03-07 18:05) [#3150]

I just started Cgoban3 with some command line switches as well and can confirm that -nosplash seems to be defunct. (Guess WMS does not expect anyone to use command line switches these days)

reply Using cgoban3 with firefox and linux (2006-12-04 18:02) [#2500]

Here is my solution:

First off you need to locate your javaws:

locate javaws

I chose to use this one (remember for later):


Now create a script for cgoban:

nano /usr/local/bin/cgoban

Contents follow (use your javaws in place of "/opt/jre1.5/bin/javaws"):

if [ -z ${1} ] ; then
    /opt/jre1.5/bin/javaws [ext]
   /opt/jre1.5/bin/javaws -open ${1} [ext]

Then set the script to be executable:

chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/cgoban

Now you should be able to type from the command line:


It should start with no problem, next try opening an sgf:

cgoban pathto/some.sgf

If all works well, click on an sgf inside firefox and choose "open with" and browse to "/usr/local/bin/cgoban", click "Always perform this action" and hit ok. Cgoban should open your sgf in one click. :)

// damezumari @ gmail

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