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VanMorrison: SGF Archives (2018-08-21 11:18) [#11157]

What is this ongoing edit war all about?

PeterHB: Re: SGF Archives (2018-08-21 12:33) [#11159]

There are a few websites where some people have copied the content of Go books, e.g. Richard Bozulich's Kiseido Go problem books. Done in a manner that makes it obvious they haven't acquired copyright permission from the various book publishers / authors.

Other people do the correct thing of going to the effort of obtaining copyright permission from the publishers / authors, e.g. [ext] SmartGo Books

Sadly I'm not a copyright lawyer, and copyright is a difficult subject that generates heated discussion but not authoritative information that can be relied on for action. When in doubt, the first place to look is SLCopyright. My second reference is [ext] the Berne copyright convention. I feel that if we stay within the guidance of the Berne convention, that will be close enough to the different ways copyright law exists in the wide variety of different countries worldwide.

So we delete links to websites where we believe the content is a clear, obvious copy of a copyrighted book without the permission of the original publisher / author.

reply ((no subject)) (2018-08-21 12:03) [#11158]

The Version History Info answers this question: [ext]

However, for a more detailed answer: a user repeatedly attempts to add links to their self-owned website, which illegally hosts and sells copyrighted go problems and books. The user has already been banned on multiple accounts from lifein19x19, r/baduk, OGS and others for this behavior. The user has also changed the name of their website several times for deceptive purposes. Mostly recently, on SL, the user has begun deleting legitimate links to replace them with their own. If you come across these links, we would appreciate if you remove/report them.


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