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reply The board size (2006-09-02 19:14) [#2155]

The board appears smaller, when the player names takes much space.

This occurs in 19x19 rengo games. 4 players names appearing on the same line, ends up shrinking the area for board.

The phenomena was there in Cgoban 2, but I personally only witnessed it few times in a demonstration game. It will be more common in Cgoban 3 (rengo).

[ext] A link to a Picture

blubb: The PIC size (2007-03-15 19:59) [#2159]

Wah, that bmp is as big as 1974 KiB - you haven`t heard of anything like jpg or png yet, have you? ;) There are regions on this earth where hardly anyone has broadband yet. Here`s a [ext] 63 KiB version (EDIT: was hosted at You might consider to replace your original with it to get rid of the putfile garnish.

For the case you really don`t know: Making a picture smaller in file size is not that hard. Assuming you`re on windows,

  1. load the pic into [ext] IrfanView
  2. there, in the image menu, decrease color depth to 256 (uncheck use Floyd-Steinberg dithering if it`s checked)
  3. choose save as from the file menu, and there, select PNG - Portable Network Graphics in the file type dropdown.

Anyway, concerning the board size, I agree. It`d look nicer if the players` names in a team were aligned vertically.

reply re: pic size (2006-09-05 15:40) [#2168]

Thanks for the reply.

Picture is changed to the png one now.

blubb: Re: re: pic size (2007-03-15 19:54) [#2170]

Huh, that`s weird: for some obscure reason, has manipulated the file as to multiply its size by six! Even worse, the pic appears smaller and blurry now - quite funny a treatment by a site dedicated to picture hosting.

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