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reply Mobile apps and ranks (2018-07-12 17:13) [#11131]

How accurate are the rankings given for games versus ai? I play a lot of Go on mobile versus an ai opponent, and the difficulty is given in kyu/dan. If the rankings given are correct I am somewhere between 18 and 16 kyu, but I can't imagine that I would fare so well in a go club.

While I'm asking questions, perhaps I should inquire as to how a player with no access to a local go club would find out his ranking. I'd very much like to see how I stack up.

PeterHB: Re: Mobile apps and ranks (2018-07-12 18:46) [#11132]

I don't know about mobile ai apps against in real life ranks.

One way to get a feeling about your strength would be to create a free account at the KGS Go Server. Then play 30 ranked games within a six month period on that account. That will produce a stable estimate of your kyu grade that is a fair estimate of your kyu strength against European Go Federation rankings. Obviously, the real way to get your ranking would be to play against real life squishy people, in real life clubs and tournaments. Its not that scary. Actually, can be a fun challenge.

reply Finding a Go club (2018-07-12 19:52) [#11133]

How would I go about finding a Go club? I assume that's not quite the same as just gathering a group of friends that all play. A little more teaching/structure, perhaps?

PeterHB: Re: Finding a Go club (2018-07-12 20:51) [#11136]

Your IP address suggests you are in the U.S.A.

Assuming that, try looking at [ext] http://www.usgo.org/where-play-go You can search it for something near you. Then I suggest emailing or phoning the contact given there.

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