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Gronk: Regarding: welcome back? (2005-10-12 18:39) [#130]

I'm just noticing an increase in your activity here Charles. You do good work so I'm glad to see it. Not sure if it is part of formally ending some kind of formal departure but welcome back anyway.

(Not sure if I need to sign this, as it is my first post on these new pages...let's see.)


Unkx80: Re: Regarding: welcome back? (2005-10-12 18:45) [#132]

I say so too. Nice to see all that page churn. ;)

CharlesMatthews: Re: Regarding: welcome back? (2005-10-12 19:09) [#134]

We'll see. I'm editing Wikipedia in parallel. I'd like it to be the case that I could switch about without noticing too much which wiki it was. Otherwise, I think there is a good option of creating WP articles in parallel; not 'master edits', but dealing with the same issues. SL has big advantages in terms of diagrams; I find WP's policies more attractive. So we'll see how it goes.

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